Presidents Report

President’s Report

May 2018 to July 2018


The component met in Ottawa June 15 at the National offices. Several financial issues were rectified with the national secretary treasurer Charles Fleury, who was present to assist.

News broke that CUPE has filed with the Canadian industrial relations board (CIRB) to certify the Westjet flight attendant group.  It is very exciting news for them and we are looking forward to Westjet joining forces with the Airline division.

Disciplinary Action and Arbitration

Currently, we are in the final stages of our first arbitration. We will have a conclusion by September. We are also in the process of securing dates for two, one due to a termination and another because of the findings of an investigation on a Respectful workplace complaint.    

My goal is to always work with each individual member to get the best possible outcome that suits their needs.

 The Attendance monitoring policy continues to be the source of many employer/member meetings to date.    

Respectful Workplace Policy

Several issues arose in the last few months regarding the employer’s policy, specifically with respect to the appeal process. I am currently working with the director of the HR to ensure compliance to the policy and the appeal process.

AIMS Bidding System

Articles 9.12.1 and 9.12.3 adherence should go live with the August blocks. It is in the test phase and a memo will be published prior to the launch to explain and give examples of instances to clarify.

I have sat in on the block appeals the last few months and have established with the planning department that union representation during appeals will be a balance of YYZ, YUL and YVR members. Members will alternate from month to month. We are looking to revise the block appeal form.   


I welcomed Christopher Camacho Castro to the role of Recording Secretary, he was acclaimed July 1st.

I look forward to working with him over our term together.

Wishing you all a safe and happy summer!


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