Memo from the President Rena Kisfalvi

As 2017 comes to an end I wanted to take this opportunity to say hello to all of you, the members, and reflect over this last year.

In late January, we signed and ratified our second collective agreement. It took many months at the bargaining table and was coupled with having to mobilize our members for a potential walk out.  We showed our strength as a Local through our solidarity, banding together to see the outcome that we have today. It was a great success, showcasing our ability to come together and support one another during a very difficult and demanding time.

With that said, it did not come without its complications. We have not yielded the success of adherence as we had hoped and continue to work towards correcting language and articles that require clarity. There has been a long period where communication has not been at the forefront. Moving forward, I will strive to encourage candid conversation between all of us. A successful local is one that is engaged, educated and one that works respectfully together.

As we work through these issues I am reminded of the lessons and experiences learned and will use it as an opportunity to grow and strengthen our membership going forward. I am confident the months ahead will bring on a favorable outcome to many of the challenges in front of us.

I return to the line in early January and am excited to be back in the sky after a three month hiatus.  Although I will be flying, I am as always, available to address any issues that may come your way as your president.

 We are a strong group of committed and passionate individuals who dedicate our lives to this profession. We are lucky to have one another. Our solidarity is what gives us credibility and power to make changes!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and I wish all of you a prosperous and happy new year!

Here’s to a fresh start!



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