Treasurer’s Report (executive) – July Base Tour

Treasurer’s Report

April 2017 to July 2017




          Approving members on the Local Website

          Posting Memo

          Answering Local4055 comments


Lou 2017-03 & 2017-04


          Working with the executive in regards of Lou 2017-03 9.15.7

          Working with the executive in regards of Lou 2017-04 TOM

IOC & Mandatory meeting


          Answering email and phone call from member across Canada in regard of IOC

          Attending mandatory meeting in Yhz via conference call

          Attending mandatory meeting in person in Yow



July Base Tour


          Working with the executive on a new way to do Base meeting

          Scheduling July 2017 Base Tour

          Booking Flights, Hotel, meeting Space

          Updating Website with Dates / Reports / Agenda

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