Executive Memo

Dear Members,

We have wrapped up our last General Membership base tour and have followed up with an Executive meeting via conference call to discuss many of the concerns that you, the membership, brought forward to us throughout the bases.

With the amazing mobilization of our membership through the strike vote and ratification of our new Collective Bargaining Agreement, we want to continue with this momentum of growing as one unit, a strong Union moving forward together as one, in solidarity.

We would like to start by again thanking all of you who came out to bring your concerns forward and meet with the Executive, and those who are taking the initiative to learn our new Collective Agreement. We have seen a number of IOC’s coming in since Ratification, and we hope this continues.  Our CA is only as strong as your knowledge of it.  By reporting breaches of the CA in the form of Issues of Concern, we can ensure that the Company is going to follow all the terms, and that we will act when they do not to ensure a better future.  While the “fly now, grieve later” process is certainly frustrating, and we share in that frustration, it is the only enforceable tool we have to resolve these issues. 

The executive is also making some changes in efforts to show more transparency. We, as the executive, are in elected positions, and have come to an understanding that all elected positions are to document, in a day planner, any time spent doing union business. We see this new procedure as a great tool to protect the local, as all points of contact are documented. It will give us a clear indication of the full workload of all members of the executive.  Once we know this, we can work out a more effective plan on how to use resources to improve the local, especially in areas where we seem to be lacking, such as our delegates, union education, and the development of productive committees, to gather support from the members to support the exec when bargaining, looking to alter budget, etc. It also will make for easier tracking of outstanding items for all exec members.

On that note, we also would like to address current issues at that level. Recently, a number of our delegates and committee members have voiced their frustration with the lack of communication and involvement. Again, a union is only as strong as its members, and we need to continue to engage those who are willing to step up to help out their fellow brothers and sisters. We will be posting for new delegate roles that are vacant, as well as revamping our committee structure. We are committed to getting these areas up to a high functioning level, through training, communication, and active involvement of the executive members. Your executive also understands that committees need resources to be able to operate.  We are currently exploring ways to put resources into the committees to get them to the level we would like to see them at.  Please stay tuned for notices calling for passionate members to become involved in these areas.

To all our members, we hope you continue to bring your concerns forward to us. We are here for you, and for each other, for the betterment of what we do, and a fair and respectful workplace in a career we all have grown to love.


In solidarity,


Your CUPE Local 4055 Executive

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